Graphic Design

Career opportunities after FIDM

FIDM Graphic Design Program Graduates have gone on to create movie posters and eco-friendly shopping bags, design graphics for Marvel Comic Book apparel, launch their own design firms and greeting card companies, work on ad campaigns for Nissan and Mercedes-Benz, and so much more.

Creative Director

Lead a team of creative people. Direct the overall look of a design project or advertising campaign with a consistent branding message.

Art Director

Develop design projects. Manage a design project from its initial concept through execution. Work with the Creative Director to develop comps (examples of an idea or ideas) for client presentations.

Graphic Designer

Send a powerful message. Translate a client's message into visual language after direction from an Art Director or Creative Director. Perform a variety of design functions, from concept to development.

Web Designer

Spin a web of creativity.  Create graphics and utilize web-based software to produce effective and engaging websites.