Film & TV Costume Design


The following are the required courses for this major. Students meet with the Education Department to provide personalized academic counseling to complete the program. Transfer credits, placement tests, changes in curriculum, and other factors may affect the academic plan for individual students. The FIDM Education Department can provide additional information.


FIDM degree in Fashion Design.

One-on-one advisement is available to students from other FIDM Majors to consider eligibility for special admissions to this program. Contact the appropriate department chairperson.

DESN 4000
Script Analysis - How to Read a Script
This course examines the various techniques used by a costume designer to analyze and breakdown a script for successful costume design, including character analysis, location, action, continuity, and timelines.
DESN 4050
Costume Design for Film & TV I
This course introduces and surveys the variety of jobs available to the costume designer, including styling for TV commercials and music videos, and designing for film and TV series. An emphasis is placed on designing for low budget production.
DESN 4180
Costume Illustration for Film & TV I
A practical class in illustrating costume designs from written or verbal descriptions of characters. Students explore a variety of media and find techniques that correspond to the students individual strengths. Emphasis is on visual communication and storytelling.
DESN 4230
History of Film - An Eye on the Wardrobe I
Students study and analyze the history of American films. Emphasis is on the major film studios, directors, and different film genres that were popular from the beginning of film through the 1950s. The great Hollywood costume designers and the stars who became icons of style are also studied.
DESN 4350
History of Art, Costume & Culture I
A survey of the portrayal of clothing and adornment in pre-20th century art. The components of the portrait (attitude, fabrics, furnishings, etc.) are examined to give the students insight into the subject and his or her society of the time.
DESN 4380
Costume Design for Film & TV II
Students identify and analyze the relationship of the costume to the character, the story, the ensemble, the locale, and the time period. Students plan a budget and examine the roles of the various department heads on union films. Prerequisite: DESN 4050
DESN 4450
Costume Illustration for Film & TV II
Students learn how to develop their own style of rendering contemporary and period costumes and fabrics. Customizing the illustration for the actor and incorporating appropriate accessories, props, and background are included. Prerequisite: DESN 4180
DESN 4480
Costume Supervision for Film & TV
A specialized course that explores the job duties of the costume supervisor and what happens to the costume after it has been approved by the costume designer, the actor, and the director. Managing the costume crew, maintaining the costumes, and keeping the continuity book are covered. Visits are made to a variety of rental houses.
DESN 4530
History of Film - An Eye on the Wardrobe II
An examination of the more realistic approach to direction and costume design that has prevailed over the last fifty years as well as the different ways that future and fantasy worlds have been portrayed throughout film and television history.
DESN 4620
History of Art, Costume & Culture II
This class is a broad survey of 20th century art, fashion, film, architecture, and photography and their relevance, development, and connection to contemporary styles and practices.
DESN 4680
Studio Design Project I
This course investigates fabrics, tools, and other materials necessary for the construction of a costume.  Students learn about the purpose of the fitting and the role of the cutter/fitter. Lecture, demonstrations, lab.
DESN 4780
Film & TV Now
Students learn about the resources and research techniques necessary to keep current with the state of the film and television industry. The newest film genres, directors, producers, and stars are analyzed and compared, as students explore how to achieve a successful career path via networking, reading trade publications, joining unions, etc.
DESN 4820
Sourcing the Costume
Students gain hands-on experience exploring L.A.s costuming resources.  Students learn where to get what they need to successfully source and fulfill their jobs as costume designers for a student or independent film. 
DESN 4850
Studio Design Project II
This course is a continuation of Studio Design Project I.  Students complete exercises in draping, cutting, fitting, and fabric surface design techniques.
DESN 4880
Costume Illustration for Film & TV Portfolio
In conjunction with Film & TV Now, this intensive drawing class guides the students in the preparation of a beautifully rendered portfolio presentation.
Total Units of Credit: 45

This program starts in the fall on the Los Angeles campus.