Mathew Quijano

Mathew Quijano

Student, Fashion Design

Mathew Quijano has a serious passion for fashion. In addition to working as a Sales Associate at a Calvin Klein Outlet in Las Vegas, Nevada, he founded the first FIDM Fashion Club at his high school and has been studying fashion for years. "I also work with makeup and am still learning about it," he says. "I am an active ambassador for my school and have joined our Honor Society."

As a high school junior, Mathew was accepted to FIDM's Fashion Design Program (he plans pursue an Advanced Study Degree in Theatre Costume Design after that), and says getting into his first choice school is one of his proudest accomplishments in life. "After attending 3 Days of Fashion this year, the faculty, the campus, the surroundings, everything just fit perfectly for me," he says.

As for his career goals? "I would love to be a household name in fashion like Alexander McQueen or Jean Paul Gaultier," he says. "At FIDM, I expect to be taught all the basics as well as be offered the path to find out who I am as a designer and a student." 

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