Entertainment Set Design & Decoration


The following are the required courses for this major. Students meet with the Education Department to provide personalized academic counseling to complete the program. Transfer credits, placement tests, changes in curriculum, and other factors may affect the academic plan for individual students. The FIDM Education Department can provide additional information.


FIDM degree in Interior Design or Visual Communications.

One-on-one advisement is available to students from other FIDM Majors to consider eligibility for special admissions to this program. Contact the appropriate department chairperson.

GNST 2000
Film: History & Development
A survey course which explores film in America as an art form and charts its historical and technical developments. Students explore the social implications of films and view and analyze film technique, costume design, and set decoration. Contemporary and classic films and filmmakers are studied.
VCOM 3000
Preproduction Sketching
This course teaches students to create credible representations of various set design concepts using perspective as a tool to establish depth, scale, mood, and point-of-view. Emphasis is on understanding the basic principles of perspective to generate effective sketches and drawings, rather than the technical process of drafted images.
VCOM 3050
Arts & Entertainment Interior Styles
A survey of the historical styles of furniture and room settings in western culture from Egypt through the 20th century. The course includes research and analysis designed to educate the student in the relevant concepts and terminology related to the history of interior furnishing styles. Movie references are included so that students can see the application of Interior Design Knowledge to creating authenticity in set designs.
VCOM 3300
Essentials of Film Production
In this course, students experience, survey, and identify the jobs and careers in movie, television, commercial, and music video production. Students learn all areas of pre- and post-production, from how to budget a script to understanding how each film production department functions and interacts. The course is highlighted by a number of guest lecturers from the industry.
VCOM 3460
Production & Set Design
Students discuss the elements of design with the practical considerations of different entertainment media: television, commercials, feature films, videos, and still campaigns. Students become acquainted with prop houses and theory versus real-life experiences, supplemented by guest lecturers from a wide range of viewpoints within the industry.
VCOM 3760
Set Decorating
This course focuses on the mechanical aspects of the set-decorating craft while exposing students to the traditions and artistic dialogues developed throughout film/television history.  Students compare the various creative and integral processes used in the development of current and past television and film productions, including the breakdown of the script, lay out of furniture plots, shopping for furnishings and accessories, and creation of budgets and schedules.
VCOM 3800
Through on-the-job training, students gain valuable insight as they apply theory and skills learned in the classroom to actual work situations and explore career options in set design and set decoration. *VCOM 3800 Internship (6 units) taken in 2 of the 3 quarters (12 units total).
VCOM 3880
Design for Theatre
A course in set design that examines how a scenic designer collaborates with a team of artists to create a living theatrical experience. Students break down texts to identify the specialized production requirementssuch as lighting, sound, scenery, and costumeof plays and other types of live entertainment from Sophocles to Shepherd.
VCOM 3920
Design: The Camera's View
A course in which students gain the valuable experience of preparing a project for the camera lens. Students learn the basics of art direction and set decoration techniques by preparing a set for filming using: lighting, foreground, background, balance, and perspective.
Total Units of Credit: 48

*VCOM 3800 Internship (6 Units) taken in 2 of the 3 quarters (12 units total).

This program starts in the fall on the Los Angeles campus.