Digital Media/Digital Cinema


FIDM Digital Media Program Graduates have gone on to create short films, movie trailers, and interactive websites on behalf of advertising agencies, movie studios, and television networks.

Visual Effects

Enter a 3-D world. Work with film/video; 3-D and 2-D compositing (VFX, 3-D Elements over Live Footage), using Maya and Shake software.

Sound Designer / Effects Editor

Make some noise. Use cutting edge technology and software to design sound and/or music for film and video.


Make the cut. Create long- and short-format content incorporating sound, graphics, and video. Use the latest, state-of-the-art nonlinear technology such as Avid or Final Cut Pro.

Web Designer

Create functional, standard-based content for the Internet. Use XML and XHTML along with other standards to develop dynamic websites.

3-D Modeler / Animator

Create and animate. Build 3-D objects or characters for feature films such as Avatar, Transformers, and Up. Animation and 3-D graphics skills are widely used in a number of industries including Architecture, Graphic Design, Web Design, Game Design, Film and Television, and Medical and Industrial Design.