Beauty Industry Merchandising & Marketing

For a career that's more than skin deep

Beauty may be glamorous, but its allure goes more than skin deep. It's also a growing multi-billion dollar industry packed with ample opportunity to flex creative muscles and hone business and marketing skills. Beauty industry insiders design and promote the skin, hair, body, fragrance, and color products that help everyone look and feel his or her best.

What Our Students Learn

In our program students learn the skills to:

  • Create beauty products and packaging.
  • Research, analyze and evaluate trends and market opportunities.
  • Utilize state-of-the-industry software programs to create functional and artistic packaging and product placement.
  • Apply business strategies and tactics.
  • Market ideas effectively.
  • Effectively communicate ideas.
  • Write a comprehensive business plan for a beauty-related business.


If you're enamored with the business of beauty, there is simply no better choice than FIDM's concentrated program in product development and marketing specifically for the Beauty Industry.

The program is so specialized and intensive that it's been compared to a Master's Degree program by the industry.

We partner with companies such as Murad and beauty brand incubator Derm Store, who work closely with our students as they learn hands-on skills in a project-oriented environment.

Students intern with top beauty brands such as Smashbox Cosmetics, Urban Decay, Orly, Lorac Cosmetics. The program's impressive Advisory Council includes executives from Estée Lauder, Inc., Givaudan, Dermalogica, and APOTHIA.

Students collaborate as a team to develop a product or service and then present it to beauty industry professionals who judge the presentations. Each student completes the program having created a professional portfolio showcasing his or her work.

FIDM definitely did a great job in preparing me for a job in the industry. Till this day I do so much of what I did in school projects! For example I work on excel spreadsheets all the time, visual bill of materials, and assisting on new products from start to finish in packaging, color matching, marketing etc. I also believe that the emphasis on getting an internship really helped me get into Urban Decay. It was a great way to dive into my role and practice all I had learned at FIDM." -- Veronica Garcia, Product Development Assistant for Urban Decay

A Closer Look

The Beauty Industry Merchandising & Marketing Program is a comprehensive curriculum that prepares students to enter the world of beauty with the knowledge of the complexities and challenges of each of the components and factors that make up the beauty industry. This program offers theoretical and practical disciplines as well as interactive demonstrations and hands-on applications including beauty technology, package development and design, operations management, and fundamentals of fragrance, treatment, color, hair, and environmental fragrances.

For important information about the completion rate, educational debt, and earnings of students who attended this program, click here.