Beauty Industry Management


The following are the required courses for this major. Students meet with the Education Department to provide personalized academic counseling to complete the program. Transfer credits, placement tests, changes in curriculum, and other factors may affect the academic plan for individual students. The FIDM Education Department can provide additional information.


FIDM degree in Beauty Industry Merchandising & Marketing, Merchandise Product Development*, or Merchandise Marketing*.

*These A.A. majors also require the following 3 courses:

  • COSM 2350 Beauty: Fundamentals of Fragrance
  • COSM 2550 Beauty: Fundamentals of Body & Hair Care
  • COSM 2650 Principles of Beauty Technology

One-on-one advisement is available to students from other FIDM Majors to consider eligibility for special admissions to this program. Contact the appropriate department chairperson.

BUMT 3680
Global Marketing Communications
This course provides a foundation of knowledge necessary to create strategic communications plans that will support a product or service in todays competitive marketplace. Students participate in a learning forum environment whereby original ideas and assignments are presented, discussed, and critiqued by the class. This course provides students with a framework of how to enter foreign markets. Prerequisite: BUMT 4600
COSM 3100
Beauty: Forecasting and Analysis
Students explore financial and trend forecasting at the industry level, focusing on trend identification, analysis, and synthesis. Students learn terminology, the timing and sources of inspiration, the research tools, and presentation techniques.
COSM 3150
Beauty: Retail Business Management
Students focus on the management of different channels of retail organizations brick and mortar, catalog, television, and e-commerce, including establishing an image, merchandise planning, forecasting and budgeting, operations, and information technology.
COSM 3200
Beauty: Direct Marketing & Press Relations
An introduction to the principles of direct marketing, this course emphasizes catalog marketing, especially as it relates to the business of beauty. Both retail traffic building and mail-order catalogs are explored. Students learn to evaluate publicity opportunities, comprehend angles and outlets, write publicity materials, and create special projects.
COSM 3300
Beauty: Retail & Manufacturing Buying
Students learn to the buyers role within the framework of the different channels of distribution in the beauty industry. The focus of the course is on the main functions of the buyer, and how these functions can best be performed to maximize profit.
COSM 3350
Human Resources & Organizational Behavior
This course explores organizational structure and how it affects corporate behavior. Students study career development, the value of performance appraisal, compensation, and safety and health laws within the corporate environment of the beauty industry. Strategies and tactics of management style are explored.
COSM 3400
Managerial Decision Making
Students learn the importance of critical thinking and decision making in the corporate environment.
COSM 3450
Merchandising in the Beauty Environment
This course teaches students to conceptualize and develop retail merchandising fixtures for the beauty industry. Students evaluate product assortment and planograms using strategy, branding, profitability analysis and cost structures of fixtures in multiple retail channels from mass to prestige environments. Class structure includes in-store studies as well as creative implementation of merchandising concepts, theories, store and brand image, and target market analysis.
COSM 3600
Product Innovation
Students learn the product development process from idea generation to consumer adoption through the use of case studies.
COSM 3700
Beauty: Luxury Brand Management
Students explore the history, consumer psychology, and strategic management issues of the luxury market. Additionally, students explore how the concept of mass market luxury is being applied across the entire consumer spectrum.
COSM 3750
Beauty: Internet Marketing & E-Commerce
Students learn the importance of Internet marketing and the use of social media in marketing beauty products and services.
COSM 3800
This course examines licensing regulations and methods of obtaining copyrights to protect intellectual property. Students become familiar with the process of obtaining permission to use intellectual property in fields such as text, artwork, fashion, and music. Current copyright registration procedures and copyright regulations will be discussed.
COSM 3850
Beauty: Sales, Negotiation & Conflict Management
This course provides an overview of the role of the sales function within the beauty industry. It covers the complexities of management of sales and distribution channels, issues in account management, and personal selling techniques. Students learn negotiation strategies and styles, and the importance of conflict resolution. In addition to class exercises, students practice negotiating in a range of business environments, including difficult situations.
COSM 3950
Through on-the-job training, students gain valuable insight as they apply theory and skills learned in the classroom to actual work situations and explore career options in the beauty industry.
GNST 3200
Consumer Social Behavior
Students examine the process of creating consumer demand through case studies and focus groups.
Total Units of Credit: 45

This program starts each Spring and Fall on the Los Angeles campus.