Coming Soon: New B.A. & B.S. Degrees

A preview of the additional bachelor's degree programs FIDM will be offering

The following degrees will be offered pending approval by the WASC Senior College and University Commission:

Apparel Technical Design

The Bachelor of Science in Apparel Technical Design Program prepares students for leadership roles in the field of apparel technical design and product development. The program provides a sequential curriculum that fosters creativity, professional knowledge, technical expertise, critical thought, and a global perspective. Students obtain practical experience through internships and industry-sponsored events and become proficient in prototype development, fit analysis, and supply chain management.
Download a PDF about this degree.

Digital Media

The Bachelor of Arts in Digital Media provides students with a hands-on education in the digital arts from technical, creative, and ethical perspectives. The curriculum imparts comprehensive technical knowledge of the pre-production, production, and post-production processes, including proficiency in editing, sound design, cinematography, lighting, and motion graphics. Graduates are qualified for a wide range of specialized careers in digital media with a focus on the entertainment industry.
Download a PDF about this degree. (Pending NASAD approval.)

Graphic Design

The Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design program prepares students for careers as graphic artists and designers. Students learn how to interpret, define, and solve client problems and create a distinct voice of communication to the target audience. Using a combination of technical skills and creative thinking, this comprehensive program teaches students about concept, design, typography, and motion graphics and how these elements are combined and used in graphic designs for the fashion and entertainment industries.
Download a PDF about this degree. (Pending NASAD approval.)

Interior Design

The Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design Program helps students develop skills in three disciplines - Residential, Commercial, and Interior Product design. Focusing on creative problem-solving, Interior Design students integrate historical perspectives, current, and future trends to develop design solutions that are functional, innovative, sustainable, and safe. Effective communication, community advocacy, and collaborative design are emphasized.
Download a PDF about this degree. (Pending NASAD approval.)