Launching Your Career

Create a strategy for success

Looking for a job is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. It’s a new adventure of self-discovery, which requires time, research, and a plan of action.

You will need to have a clear picture of what you’re looking for before you begin your search. In the job hunt, this means knowing what job titles you are interested in and the types of companies for which you’d like to work. Ideally, the position should take you closer to your ultimate career goals.

Search For Jobs

An abundance of jobs ranging from entry level to executive are just waiting to be filled. Now that you've considered your career path, it's time to find the positions that are right for you. Read more.

Market Yourself

Every job on the planet will require a résumé. Every résumé should be accompanied by a proper cover letter. Preparing, proofing, and perfecting your cover letter and résumé is time well spent when it comes to a successful job hunt. Read more.


Now that your résumé and cover letter have been sent into the world to impress employers, it's time to make contact.

Ideally you should receive a telephone call or email within a few days of the employer receiving your information. If not, take initiative and follow up. Read more.