Cross-Cultural Student Alliance

Be part of the International Student Community

International Students at FIDM created the Cross-Cultural Student Alliance (CCSA), where members can meet, network, and make new friends from around the world.

"I joined CCSA because I believe in a group that gives students of all cultures a chance to meet and learn from one another," says Merchandise Marketing Student and CCSA President Giovanna Gagliardino, who studies at the Orange County campus. "I have been extremely lucky to have met new friends and I have seen the effect it has on others."

CCSA gives students a chance to learn about a diversity of other cultures. "It's always a pleasure to learn something new and we're all friends and can help each other out," explains CCSA member Medha Bhardwaj, who is a Fashion Design major at the L.A. campus. "Being in the group definitely helps ease the transition of moving from far away."

Active at the Los Angeles and Orange County campuses, CCSA holds social gatherings such as a Halloween pumpkin carving event, Thanksgiving luncheon, a crochet corner where students can learn to knit, and a Chinese New Year celebration. "Everyone is so friendly when we get together and we all clicked the first time we met," says Jocelyn Antiporta, a Merchandise Marketing Student at FIDM Orange County.

Just stop by the Student Activities Office for more information on the Cross-Cultural Student Alliance!