Rules of Endorsement Shifting for Social Media Influencers

August 31, 2016

The tension is mounting between social media influencers (the agencies that hire them) and the consumer activist organization regarding full disclosure on paid sponsorships. The New York Times reports that the Kardashian sisters received a legal letter from the watchdog group warning them to be more conspicuous about their sponsorship deals. The current FTC ruling calls for influencers to place #ad or #sponsored at the beginning of their Instagram and other postings to clearly state they are paid endorsements. How does that play with audiences? Not so good. According to Small Girls PR executive Jaclyn Johnson who lists Urban Decay and L'Oreal among her clients, followers "Don't want to know people are getting paid for stuff even if they are. We've had bloggers we work with say 'I want you to know that engagement on posts with hashtag sponsored get lower engagement." More to come.

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