Graphic Design Grad Departs Armani to be an Art Director at Fab

July 12, 2017

Graphic Design Graduate Robert Romero has been busy since graduating from FIDM in 2010. The in-demand graphic designer and art director has worked with fashion brand such as GUESS?, St. John Knits, Tadashi Shoji, A.L.C., Giorgio Armani, and Jason Wu in corporate and agency environments. We recently caught up with Robert, who is now living in Brooklyn, New York, to learn about his exciting new position at Fab. 

Tell us about your new role. I recently left a Senior Graphic Designer position at Giorgio Armani to pursue a position with Fab Commerce & Design as an Art Director. I wanted to be more directly influential to a brand, which is what I'll be doing at Fab. There I will conceptualize, produce, and shoot campaign imagery, product photography, and video content. I also had the amazing opportunity to design the new Broad City x Fab collection and photograph it as well, so that was pretty cool. Besides that I've been taking on some side projects shooting for Jason Wu, A.L.C., and doing some graphic design work for Sanctuary Clothing.

How are you enjoying living in NYC? I know it's cliche to say but I love New York. I got a beautiful place in Brooklyn and commute each day to Manhattan. You're able to be truly spontaneous and everyone here is on a mission, it's inspiring. I've met so many creatives casually drinking coffee or at a bar, all working on amazing projects. The people are unique and have a real sense of self-expression with their style. You can see people eyeing each others' outfits on the subway all the time. Plus, there are so many opportunities, especially within fashion and design. It's a beautiful city that challenges you for the better. It definitely woke me up creatively.

How has FIDM helped prepare you for your career? How has FIDM not helped me? I got my first internships with Guess, Inc and St. John Knits through FIDM which definitely fast-tracked my career. I also found my first salaried job through the FIDM Portal. I saw a posting through an agency for Tadashi Shoji where I would start as a Graphic Designer and leave as an Art Director four years later. FIDM gave me the technical skills I needed to take that first opportunity and hit the ground running which is crucial in the Fashion Industry. Because I utilized my resources at FIDM (pursuing internships early, staying after class to work with the teachers, coming on weekends for extra help and insight, using the library), I graduated with a strong foundation that enabled me to pursue opportunities with confidence. I've even been able to take jobs that require a Bachelor's Degree. It goes to show that hard work and dedication pays off.


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