Merchandise Product Development Grad Has New Position at Zara--and is Featured in Their I Am Denim Campaign

May 23, 2016

FIDM Graduate Le Vasia Tamayo just moved from Los Angeles to San Francisco for a position with Zara as the Northwest Visual Commercial Manager. She was also recently featured in Zara's #iamdenim project, featuring real people from the retailer's stores. We recently chatted with the Merchandise Product Development alumna to learn more about her exciting life: 

Tell us about the Zara "I Am Denim" collection you helped create. I’m still extremely excited that Zara noticed little old me and reached out. Being an inspiration of Los Angeles style for the Zara Trafaluc Denim Dept is by far one of the coolest projects I’ve been a part of. For a few months the designers and I were in close contact. They studied my style and I sent them a lot of inspiration. They were interested in everything from where I would hang out to what  music I was listening to. We agreed my style was very bohemian and rock and roll--that's where we worked from. When I arrived to Spain they presented to me a mannequin with my name and a rack with some of the product they created for my collection. They then gave me the freedom to do whatever I wanted. They provided all of the same resources, and even the company's laundry, to work with. Because I'm a simple girl when it comes to denim, I spent most of my time distressing my garments and preparing them for the laundry. I also took a huge paint brush to them writing edgy messages. Not all of the garments I created went into production, because I'm sure they were a bit too edgy, but I'm extremely proud of how they adapted, and made more commercial the ones that did.

What are your career goals? My ultimate career goals would be to create my own faith-based lifestyle brand and mobile store. A while back I started selling some of the heaps of vintage clothing, shoes, accessories, vinyl, and even new stuff in my closet I just never wear. Once I noticed how much people started to flock just to buy things from me because they admired my style, it inspired me to build a brand based on my lifestyle. I dabble in, get inspired by, and can adapt so many subcultures that I can't say I belong to just one. I would love to curate mobile store that blends all of the elements of style I enjoy: vintage, designer, boho, urban streetwear, and rock and roll. I want to be able to travel with the brand and it to be more than just selling clothing; I want to empower women and help as many girls as I can with their dreams. I want to carry small brands by young women I believe in, and support any art form they would like to share. Even if it means painting the entire bus, having a concert on the roof, or curating a temporary pop-up inside. There's so much talent that doesn't get the proper shine and I want to build a following to help as many young girls reach their goals as I can. It's all I ever wanted. I'm forever evolving and the brand will evolve with me. I have huge ideas to change the game. I just hope everyone is ready for the ride.

How did FIDM help prepare you for your career? FIDM was the greatest preparation for my career. I never dreamed of pursuing a career in visual merchandising. Not only was FIDM such a credible and exciting school for employers to see on my resume but as a Merchandise Product Development major, I learned so many aspects of the industry. In MPD you learn everything from the initial idea of a product all the way to even after its sold to the consumer. It’s incredible. I feel like I was well prepared to take on absolutely anything.

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