Just Accepted Beauty Industry Merchandising & Marketing Student Transfers From Fullerton College to Pursue Her Dreams

September 7, 2016

Name: Paulina Gonzalez

Age: 23

Hometown: Anaheim, CA

Previous College: Fullerton College

FIDM MajorBeauty Industry Merchandising & Marketing

FIDM Campus and Start Date: OC Campus, Fall 2016

Admissions Advisors: Cathy Chambers and Margaret Berger

How did your advisors help with the process? I was fortunate enough to work with two advisors throughout my application process. Cathy and Margaret both were there to answer my every question or concern and helped me prepare for my interview. 

Tell us a bit about yourself. Ever since I was young, traveling has been a passion of mine. From the airport security gate to checking into your hotel, I enjoy every minute of it. Even though I love the moment the airplane takes off into a new direction, my heart remains in Southern California. Being born and raised here, going to the beach with friends is a regular occurrence. The beach, museums, and going to Disneyland are just some of the perks of living where I do. My Mexican heritage is one of my biggest inspirations. The culture, art, the language, and the food are all things that I use to influence my daily life. Two worlds, dos mundos

What are your proudest accomplishments so far? It took me some time to process what switching majors would mean for me and for my family. My family runs a successful business and I have always wanted to contribute, but I found that my career goals, at least for now, could not be met there. I made the decision to jump ship but tread lightly, taking classes I believed that were similar to what I wanted to do at FIDM. Even though I have the full support of my family, I felt guilty for choosing a different path. However, once I applied to FIDM I knew immediately that I had done what was best for me and I am proud that I allowed myself to want to achieve it. 

What made FIDM right for you? FIDM wasn’t always right for me. It was right for my sister, who is now a FIDM Alumna, but not for me. The school environment and culture felt right, but the career just wasn’t there for me. Before I knew that the Beauty Industry major existed, I searched aimlessly for fulfillment in the previous career path I had chosen. On one sunny Los Angeles morning, I accompanied my sister and cousin to an Open House. While they filled out paperwork and spoke to advisors, I sat down and flipped through a catalog. I happened to find the major I’m currently in and instantly felt that this is what I wanted to do. 

Describe your entrance project. For my entrance project, I decided to use an idea I had for a cosmetic company and describe the different kinds of products it would have. With each product, I included a fun name for lipsticks, a face palette, mascara, and eyeliner that drew inspiration from California. I decided to include a makeup tutorial that would explain how each of these products could be put to use. Finally, I went in-depth to the type of customer this company would attract and why they would purchase.

What are your career goals? Success is such a subjective term to describe a career goal, but what I hope to achieve is fulfillment. I want to be the business woman I know I can be but also to fulfill the need to be creative in my field of work. I want to be working with my family in some capacity and I want to help the beauty industry grow for men and women everywhere. 

What do you expect to learn at FIDM? The beauty in learning isn’t found in memorization of numbers but rather the friendships and connections you build with classmates and professors, seeing or hearing new material for the first time, and the set of skills that FIDM will teach me. I expect that the experience as a whole will expand my knowledge of the beauty industry and teach me to apply what I learn into real world experiences.

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