Global Head of Consumer Products and Retail for DreamWorks Animation Jim Fielding Visits FIDM

November 4, 2016

Students in Vincenzo Lodato's Marketing Essentials class were treated to a special guest speaker this week on the Los Angeles campus. Jim Fielding, the Global Head of Consumer Products and Retail for DreamWorks Animation, shared with the students his inspiring story of his rise to success in the industry.

Prior to joining DreamWorks Animation, he was most recently the CEO of Claire’s Stores Inc., overseeing strategic growth and international development for the retail chain’s over 3,000 stores worldwide.

He explained to the students that he chose each company strategically, to learn something new to move forward in his career. Each position led to the next. He started off at companies including GAP, The J. Peterman Company, and Lands End where he gained catalog and dotcom experience. In 2001, he was recruited to work for Disney and run their catalog. From there, he moved into Disney Stores—licensing and marketing, which he loved. He became the President of Disney Stores Worldwide, where he oversaw a $1.2 billion global business operating 360 stores in 12 countries. He opened stores in major cities including London, Paris, Tokyo, Milan, and New York.

After two and a half years, Fielding left for AwesomenessTV, a new media and entertainment company. And after one year, Jeffrey Katzenberg asked him to come over to DreamWorks. For the last two years, he’s been overseeing the licensing, creative and franchise functions for DreamWorks and AwesomenessTV.

Some of the new media content creators that AwesomenessTV works with include: Tyler Oakley, Connor Franta, Ingrid Nilsen, Shawn Mendes, and Jacob Whitesides. Fielding explained to the students that when creators gets to 100K subscribers, or about 1 million views per month, they start to get noticed. He said that successful creators are not 100% digital. They mix in physical appearances, doing meetups and conventions, so they can engage with fans face-to-face.

AwesomenessTV helps new media creators become more professional. They sit with them and take them through exercises to help them identify and define their brand. They hook them up with partnerships and sponsored videos.

Providing further insight into new media, Fielding told the students that 50% of views come from outside of the U.S. The second largest country in terms of viewing is Brazil, followed by Russia.

He told the students that Google Analytics is a growing field with massive career opportunity. He said, “Facts win. Data wins.”

Jim Fielding is looking to the future. He recently launched his own company, Intercepted Stories, a brand and retail consultancy focused on consumer products and experiences, and will be ready to bring on interns next fall.

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