Apparel Industry Management Grad Has Launched a Custom Apron Business

November 15, 2016

Apparel Industry Management Alumna Fiorella Borkert, who graduated in 2011, Phi Theta Kappa, from FIDM, is now the proprietor of Rossel & Company, a bespoke line of aprons that are handcrafted in California. We recently chatted with Fiorella to learn more about her company, which is catering to everyone from chefs and bakers to bartenders, baristas, and hairdressers.

What led you to launch your business? A fashion-forward chef friend who wanted to vamp up his look in the kitchen. I designed a few for him, and for other friends, and then, the idea of catering to other industries sparked.

How did FIDM help prepare you for being an entrepreneur? The assignments given were really challenging--they gave me a head rush (and ​many times, insomnia). It was exhilarating and pushed me to want all of it in real life.

What sets your line apart from other apron companies? We are not just aprons, we are a lifestyle. We understand and encourage individuality. ​Our aprons are not uniforms--they are an extension of your personal style.

Where do you see the future of your company heading? We are soon moving forward with graphic tees, and practical accessories; our ultimate goal is to become a full apparel line, for both men and women. Please stay tuned.

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