Going The Distance With Student Gabriella Castillo

December 19, 2016

Commuting is a way of life for some of our students. Many come from different cities to attend FIDM as a way to pursue their careers without leaving home. Imagine coming from a different country to attend class daily. Professional Designation Merchandising & Marketing Student Gabriella Castillo travels from Tijuana, Mexico to our Los Angeles Campus on class days. The commute can last from three to four hours depending on traffic at the border. She sometimes has to stay the night at hotels as the commute can get tense. Thanks to the referral of her advisor, she is able to get amazing rates for being an FIDM student. 

Castillo does the commute because she believes FIDM is an excellent investment for her future. Prior to FIDM, Castillo attended law school and created fashion blog Haute2Wear. From there, it sparked her interest in attending fashion school. 

We were lucky to have Castillo show us her journey to class when she took over our Snapchat. Take a peak on how she travels to campus below.

We are also able to get an inside look into Castillo's FIDM Career in an interview with her:

1. What are you currently studying?

"I am currently in the Professional Designation program for Merchandise and Marketing."

2. What made you want to attend FIDM?

"Ever since I was a child, I wanted to live in Los Angeles. I came up for a summer for a dance program when I was 15 and loved it. I was always interested in the business side of fashion so when I came across FIDM, it all made sense. I loved the program and the city. I also loved that they had a program that could get me a degree in nine months. I already studied a bachelor's degree and didn't want to spend more years in school - I'm not getting any younger!"

3. Tell us about your journey coming to FIDM.

"I do three hours to school and three hours back on average. If there is an accident or if crossing the border is a hassle, I might get closer to four hours."

4. What motivates you to keep coming to FIDM from a long way?

"My parents wanted me to have a traditional degree before venturing into something creative. Even after they said they were going to help me out with this program, they didn't really have any obligation to do it. So I don't take coming to FIDM for granted. I love the school and commuting is worth it. After making such an effort to get to school, giving it less than 100 percent really isn't an option. I also know that this program will give me the tools I need to achieve my goals."

5. How do you see yourself evolving creatively at FIDM?

"I have never considered myself a fashion person. I can't pull out blog worthy outfits in the morning and I don't look street style worthy every time I cross the street. I also can't draw or design beautiful jewelry or outfits. Every day I learn something different about trends, fabrics, styles, etc. Being at this school has really pulled out my 'fashion' side. I've always been interested in the business side of fashion, so it's nice to learn about different aspects."

6. Where do you see yourself in the future?

"When I was in law school, I created a website called Haute2Wear. The blog was created as an online community for fashion minded people. A couple of months ago I started selling clothes on Poshmark under the same name and got really into it. My goal is to continue to grow and make Haute2Wear an online retail destination."

Get to know more about Castillo by following her on Instagram.


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