From the FIDM Library: Fall 2015 Style Report

November 2, 2015


Man is still meeting machine, and the seamless integration of technology into organic structures is creating sensory escapes. A tech pause is imminent, with companies introducing technology used for introspection and meditation. An emphasis on how we live, as opposed to what we own is informing design. Sound takes on a new dimension as household appliances, such as vacuum cleaners, become quieter, and furniture and cars incorporate music and other pleasant sounds when drawers and doors are opened. Machines to drown out white noise take an environmentally friendly turn. For all that technology has done to increase productivity and convenience, the rise of products with handmade qualities is increasing. For example, the craft of writing is being reinstated. Handmade papers, gold-plated pens, paper weights, and matching accessories for organizing, lend a warmth to the home office. Home accessories, wallpaper, and fabrics utilize the written word as design. Stamped designs also allude to the idea of ink on paper.     


The biggest luxury is time. With time on our hands, a new relaxation abounds. The A-line or trapeze silhouette becomes three-dimensional, forming a cone shape; padded, puffed, pleated, and layered. The emphasis is on luxury, and loungewear goes to the next level- that of luxurious quality. The palette is warm and calming with colors like apricot and deep coral. Cold white and grey lend a balance, and deeper shades of ebony give depth; a baseline for shades that lift the spirits, like horizon yellow. A handmade quality pervades with great attention to detail; hand-sewn and mended clothing as of yesteryear. Crochet and lace, some designed with a caged look, especially in lingerie presents finery to the mix. A balance of 60s and 70s vintage inspiration gives us bell bottoms, tube tops, culottes, midi, and longer lengths in skirts and dresses. Junior looks are carefree; gypsy-inspired, especially for festivals, flare bottoms and floral prints with lots of fringe. Comfortable sandals, floppy hats, cropped looks, and halter tops reinforce the vintage vibe.


Casual and relaxed for men includes a playful mix of seasonal prints and graphics. 1950s vacation looks, updated vintage surf wear, and tropical prints pair with Bermuda shorts for warm days and nights. Trouser pants with a dropped crotch and tapered leg adds to the comfortable mind-set, as well as short sleeve button-downs with a boxier shape. Tech suits are providing more comfort, and a casual yet dressed up look is appropriate throughout the day and into evening. Warm and cool tones are color-blocked together, as seen in clothing and accessories, extending into skate boards and cell phone skins. Sportswear is becoming more refined with a balance of simple and technical; a minimalist, pared-down style in fabrics that look faded and lived in, and evoke a “curated” feeling. Quilted twill workwear shorts echo the A-line seen in womenswear, roomy and yet striking, especially in white. Colors reference tropical beaches; sandy browns, neutrals, and watery blues, contrasted with burning orange and red accents.  Fun in the sun and surf for the youth market has a DIY flavor, with a mix and match of texture, hardware, and color. Vintage aesthetics remain strong; a nostalgic look back to classic casual sportswear, but with updated details. Vintage Cuban surf wear focuses on an indie pocket of trend-setters, and inspires fantasy adventures on remote beaches. Saturated colors evoke the sun, and textures nod to the tactile quality of coconuts, hemp rope, and driftwood.   

photo credit: Linda Lomelino


The home becomes an extension of the body, as an interweaving of decorative homeware and fashion creates a holistic balance. Transitioning from white as the default neutral, color segues into deeper palettes such as greys, dark greens, dark blues, browns, and pitch black as background, in hospitality, product design, and retail. A painterly aesthetic informs interiors with a nod to the Dutch Masters.  Botanical prints and still-life florals take on dark undertones, creating a moody presence. Floors become a canvas for vivid color and dynamic pattern. There is a maximalist feeling in the layering of pattern and texture. Floors and walls are embracing the DIY and ink on paper aesthetic with stenciled designs and organic, freeform shapes instigating a whimsical mood. In the same mood are inventive children’s play beds; themed little centers of fun, as focal points in kids’ rooms. Shades of vintage continue to inspire, as old floral motifs are seen on wallpaper, art prints are nostalgic, and bedding takes on a relaxed, color-muted, luxurious feel.  


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