Grad Launches Tiny House of Fashion

August 28, 2017

The Voice of America has a profile of Fashion Design Graduate Danelle Johnson who recently returned to her home state of Virginia to launch Tiny House of Fashion. The mobile clothing boutique officially launched in June and pops up at community events, private parties, and work luncheons, offering customers bold, on-trend merchandise along with complimentary refreshments. 

“The theme is 'We’re tiny, but we dream big,’” Danelle told VOA. “A lot of people thought I was crazy, but now they see the vision and they totally understand it.” She transformed a trailer into a retail environment with floor-to-ceiling glass windows to allow natural light in, along with a fitting room, mirror, and garment racks. 

“Actually, the beauty of being a mobile is I can go to customers,” Danelle added. “So, if a bunch of girls are getting together for a girls’ night, or an office want me to go there during their lunch or anything like that, it’s very easy for me to do that.”

Photo via Prince William Living


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