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  • Oct

    Mother and Daughter Duo Team Up for Chairing Styles

    Not only do mother and daughter Kristi and Whitney Odman attend FIDM together, but they are also Chairing Styles team members who are collaborating on a coordinating chair and dress that will be featured at DEBUT in 2017. The annual project and exhibition allows FIDM Students from three majors--Textile Design, Fashion Design, and Interior Design--to create a one-of-a-kind chair and garment. Kristi, an Interior Design major, will serve as chair designer, while Whitney, a Fashion Design major, will be the dress designer. The design duo moved to Los Angeles from Yakima, Washington to attend FIDM. 

    We look forward to seeing their work at DEBUT in 2017! 


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  • Feb

    IMPD Students Take Unforgettable Study Trip to Hong Kong

    All 11 of FIDM's International Manufacturing & Product Development Students recently visited Hong Kong, along with FIDM Vice President of Education Barbara Bundy and Special Projects Chairperson Amanda Starling, for hands-on learning in a fast-paced, global … Read More