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    Keeping Up With 2015 National Scholarship Competition Recipient Vanessa Reyes

    FIDM 2015 National Scholarship Competition Recipient Vanessa Reyes has gone above and beyond since winning the scholarship. She recently graduated with an AA in Graphic Design and interned for the FIDM Publications Department, creating visually stunning graphics for the public eye. We caught up with Reyes in an interview on how receiving the scholarship made a huge positive impact on her time at FIDM. 

    1. When did you win the National Scholarship Competition?
    "I won the National Scholarship Competition for Graphic Design in 2015."
    2. In what way did winning impact your life and career?
    "Winning the National Scholarship Competition relieved some of the financial stress that my parents and I were experiencing in terms of how we were going to finance my education. I was able to place a greater focus on my studies without having to worry about how I was going to pay for school."
    3. How did your project prepare you for your major?
    "This project provided me with insight on what I would be doing at FIDM. The design process for this project was in essence the same as what I would be doing for all my projects at school. It also provided me with a much needed confidence boost. After completing this project, I felt like I could handle any design project thrown my way. It pushed my creative limits and I learned more about myself as a designer."
    4. Where did you draw inspiration from for your submission?
    "I was inspired by vibrant, pastel colors and handwritten typefaces that were popular at the time. I wanted my designs to be youthful and give off an aura of friendliness and dependability."
    5. Any additional thoughts about the National Scholarship Competition?
    "I would highly recommend that any incoming FIDM Students join the competition, whether or not they believe they will win. When I first heard about the competition I had no plans of entering. I thought I had no chance of winning. After being pressured to enter by my parents and admissions advisor, I completed my project and sent it off. I remember thinking that there was no way my project was going to be picked. I pushed it to the back of my mind and forgot about it for a while. A couple months later, I got the call saying that I won and it felt so surreal. I was overcome by a newfound confidence in myself and felt validation in my decision of pursuing a degree in Graphic Design."




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