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    Catching Up With International Student Anna Hsiao

    Originally from Taiwan, Anna Hsiao is currently pursuing Merchandise Product Development at FIDM. We were able to get to know a little bit more about her in an interview. Learn about her FIDM Experience and career goals below.

    Where are you from? How do you like living/studying in California?


    I’m from Taiwan. I really enjoy living in California because the weather here is super nice.


    When will you graduate from FIDM and what is your major?


    I will graduate on March, 2017. My major is Merchandise Product Development.

    我将在2017年三月毕业。 我的专业是行销产品开发。

    Why did you choose to study at FIDM?


    Only FIDM has a Merchandise Product Development major, which teaches both Fashion Marketing and Design.

    只有fidm 才有的行销产品开发的专业,而且会教服装行销跟服装设计。 

    Where did you study/work before FIDM


    I was attending high school in Taiwan before FIDM.


    What do you like the most about FIDM?


    I like my major’s curriculum at FIDM. My classes include some business development classes such as retail environment, marketing and brand development, fashion merchandising, assortment planning, etc. Merchandise Product Development also has some fashion design classes that teach you how to use Illustrator to draw a design, how to sew a garment and make a pattern. From these classes, I learned a lot of information in the fashion industry. Compared to the Marketing major, I have more skills than them, such as sewing, patternmaking and product developing.


    How do you think FIDM will prepare your career in the future?


    Since the Merchandise Product Development major is very flexible, I not only do a product developer’s job, but also a buyer’s or marketer’s job. Next quarter I’ll have the brand portfolio class that I’ll start to build my own portfolios for two brands. My portfolio will be very vital for my future career.


    Anything else you’d like to add?


    I learned how to make a dress form pattern from FIDM DEBUT Graduate, Tomy Huang, and every single piece of my design that I made is fitted and accurate. Learning how to make a dress form pattern really tells you why patternmaking is very important and how to make your ideal design.

    我从Tomy Huang那边学会做人体模型的打版,我做出来的每一件衣服都非常的贴身跟准确。学会如何去打各种型号的版会让你知道为什么服装打版是那么重要而且还会让你知道如何去做你理想中的设计。



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