Study The Business of Denim at FIDM

March 16, 2017

Did you know over 90 percent of denim is made in Los Angeles? Denim represents an estimated $60 billion global market and the industry is growing at an impressive annual rate of 13 to 15 percent. You can specialize in this dynamic area of the fashion industry with FIDM's new Advanced Study Degree in The Business of Denim

The program includes an in-depth global study tour in which students travel to cities around the world where they visit the entire product development cycle from the mill to the retail floor. Get immersed in the latest techniques and processes, and prepare to enter and succeed in the international world of denim. Applications are being accepted now. 

The Business of Denim Program focuses on:

*Denim Design & Development

*Product Application

*Industry Sustainability

*Denim Finishing & Production


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