Business Management Grad Hired at Zappos (Interview)

January 6, 2016

Merchandise Marketing and Business Management Graduate Fatima Quiusky was recently hired as a Merchandise Assistant for the Kids Mainstream team at Zappos. We recently caught up with her to learn more.

What made you choose FIDM for both of your degree programs? Out of the all the majors Merchandise Marketing interested me the most because it was more on the “business” side of fashion. I also aspired to be a buyer when I applied so I knew the Merchandise Marketing program would be a perfect fit for me. When I told my parents about FIDM they were a bit skeptic, so the deal was I could attend as long as I got my Bachelor's Degree. Little did I know, once I graduated with my AA and I was applying for jobs I saw that a lot of companies required a Bachelor's Degree. That encouraged me even more to further my education.
You first interned with Zappos before being hired full-time. How did your Zappos internship come about? Zappos came to the FIDM campus to recruit for their internship program. My instructor, Dr. Morrison, encouraged the class to apply. I have also been a fan of the CEO Tony Hsieh, so I went ahead and interviewed for the program. I was hired on as a Merchandise Assistant intern for the Kids Outdoor/Performance team. Every day was very different, I did everything from learn about product, saw how it was performing, monitoring purchase orders, to going to vendor meetings. It was a very hands-on experience.

How did your full-time position at Zappos come about after the internship? During my internship I really fell in love with my job and the company. In the matter of 10 weeks, I made sure to work and learn to my best ability, build strong relationships with everyone on my team, and express my interest in becoming full-time.

What are your current responsibilities as Merchandise Assistant? I will be assisting the Senior Buyer with her portfolio. I will still have a lot of the same responsibilities with just more depth. I will be really focusing on learning the “art and science” of buying.

Zappos is known for it's company culture. What do you love about working there? I don’t think I can ever express how much I love the culture at Zappos. Everyone is so genuinely nice and if you ever need help everyone goes above and beyond for you. One of the core values at Zappos is “Build a Positive Team and Family Spirit.” Everyone at Zappos really embraces that.

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