Current Apparel Industry Management Student Runs Her Own Activewear Brand

June 8, 2016

We recently chatted with current Apparel Industry Management Student and Body Love Athletica founder Leora Kashani to learn more about her growing business. 

What led you to start your brand? Body Love Athletica is an activewear and fitness line designed by combining the best of the two worlds--fashion and fitness--by empowering women to live the best possible life through active living. Through my passion for supporting and inspiring others, health, fitness and fashion, I knew I had to jump into a world that had a lot of room and need for growth. Spending so much time in activewear, I was tired of looking ordinary and knew I had to do something about it. 

What sets your line apart from the others? Whether you’re the fitness lover who appreciates quality, comfort, and style during your workout or the modern living women who enjoys comfortable fashion, we’ve got you covered. My goal is to give a new meaning to fitness and help people create a positive lifestyle that people will value.  

How is FIDM helping you with your business? Body Love Athletica all started when I was 20 years old and attending The University of Southern California where I studied Entrepreneurship and Psychology. I launched the company a little under a year ago, and soon after decided to attend FIDM to learn more about fashion and owning a clothing line. Although I started my business prior to attending FIDM, my time at FIDM has taught me and made me more familiar with the industry and has advanced my knowledge in all areas from concept and design to production and selling. 

What advice would you give to FIDM Students and Grads looking to start their own company? My advice to FIDM students is to follow your dreams but acknowledge the commitment and dedication it takes to make it all real. Owning your own business and following your dreams means sacrificing, being brave, and overcoming difficult obstacles. I think the most important part is to be patient and keep going. Your success is defined by what you put in and how hard you work. 

What are your ultimate career goals? Body Love Athletica is currently being sold online as well as some stores and gyms. I hope to continue growing and inspiring women and I am also looking forward to launching my men’s activewear line in the near future. I am excited for the future and to continue doing what I love to do every day. 

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