AGAIN Designer Amber Kekich Launches Fashion Consultancy

March 30, 2016

AGAIN designer/owner and FIDM Grad Amber Kekich recently launched a self-titled fashion consultancy, specializing in helping fashion brands with creative direction, styling, and apparel and brand development. We recently chatted with the Los Angeles-based entrepreneur to learn more. 

What led you to start your consulting business? Working in the clothing industry, I have the opportunity of meeting all types of factories, photographers, fabric vendors, sales reps, web developers, etc., and although they may not all fit my brand's needs, they could easily fit someone else's. Many people have great ideas, names, and marketing strategies--they just need the team to make it happen. I love connecting people and seeing them create so I figured why not make a business out of it?

What's new with your womenswear label, AGAIN? AGAIN is a constant growing brand; we recently launched out Spring 2016 collection and in the process of designing Spring, while selling Fall. We are talking about doing a small pop up shop in Venice.

What types of clients would you ideally have as a fashion consultant? I want to have clients who want to work hard, and follow their dreams.

How did FIDM help prepare you for both of you careers? FIDM was great for me because I learned all sides of the market. The technical side of things is really helpful. Although I don't do my patterns, markers, or sewing, it is nice to have the knowledge so you can help solve problems and have solutions when they arise.

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