Student Learning Results

FIDM Student Performance Assessment Results

In academic year summer 2016 to spring 2017, FIDM conducted 109 (LY = 108) assessments of student performance for which rubrics were processed by the Office of Institutional Effectiveness and results were reported. In terms of institutional achievement of learning outcomes overall, 93.1% of students performed at or above expected levels. Assessment at the academic program level is as follows:

Academic Program % of Students Who Met Expected Levels of Performance
Advanced Fashion Design100.0%
Apparel Industry Management83.7%
Apparel Technical Design95.2%
Beauty Industry Management85.7%
Beauty Industry Merchandising & Marketing91.6%
Business Management92.2%
Digital Media90.3%
Fashion Design94.8%
Fashion Knitwear Design100.0%
Film & TV Costume Design100.0%
General Studies86.1%
Graphic Design96.2%
Interior Design94.7%
International Manufacturing & Product Development100.0%
Jewelry Design93.7%
Merchandise Product Development93.4%
Merchandising & Marketing92.4%
Social Media95.5%
Textile Design100.0%
Visual Communications95.0%