FIDM and Project Runway

The latest news about our Project Runway collaborations

FIDM and Project Runway share a long history, spanning more than a decade. Three FIDM Graduates, Jenni Riccetti, Dexter Simmons, and Rik Villa, are on the current season of Project Runway. The winner of the new show, Project Runway Junior, will receive a full scholarship to FIDM. An episode of Project Runway: Season 14 was filmed at the college and Under the Gunn, a fashion competition show from the producers of Project Runway, was filmed on location at FIDM Los Angeles. Star Tim Gunn is also a member of FIDM's prestigious Advisory Board.

Our Graduates such as Candice Cuoco, Bradon McDonald, Alexander Pope, Nick Verreos, Kelli Martin, Santino Rice, Daniel Franco, Guadalupe Vidal, Sarah Trost, Serena da Canceicao, Joshua Christensen, Beatrice Guapo, and winner Leanne Marshall are all Project Runway alumni.

When you visit FIDM, it's easy to see why Project Runway chose our creative campus as their West Coast location.

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