President's Message

A letter from FIDM’s founder

Welcome to FIDM. Welcome to your future.

You have a unique vision for your life. But how do you get there? FIDM not only provides a highway to that future, we provide a roadmap to put your plans into action.

At FIDM you’ll receive the advanced tools, the creative expertise, the industry training and those key connections that will set you apart and launch you in your career. We’ve created a vibrant learning experience uniquely situated in the best state, the best cities and the best place to have influence around the world. You’ll be energized by faculty, staff and fellow students who all share your enthusiasm for excellence.

We’re a one-of-a-kind college where your talent, hard work, determination and our careful guidance truly give voice to your vision.

So keep your eyes open and your focus fine-tuned. As you move toward your destiny, don’t forget to stop along the way to enjoy the journey with others. After all, the best thing about success is sharing it.

Yes, take a bold step and walk through these doors. You’ll discover not just the profession that you imagined, but the pathway to get there.”

A letter from FIDM president Tonian Hohberg