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International Students Share Their FIDM Experiences

Students from Hong Kong, Peru, India, and other countries talk about why they decided to move to the U.S. to study at FIDM.

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Learn all about FIDM's IMPD Program

Hear directly from FIDM Alumni, Staff, and Instructors and see International Manufacturing & Product Development students in action in the classroom.

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Why Choose FIDM

Get the student perspective on FIDM directly from the people who are living it every day. 

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Choosing Your Major

Hear how Admissions Advisors help Prospective Students choose the right major from among the fashion school’s 7 design and 11 creative business majors.

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Inside the Jewelry Design Program

Tour FIDM’s Jewelry Lab in the Los Angeles Jewelry District, hear from faculty, and take a field trip with Jewelry Design Students.

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The Exciting World of Fashion Careers

Nick Verreos talks with FIDM Admissions Director Peggy Quayle about the creative and design majors that prepare FIDM students for varied fashion careers.

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Get Ready To Study Fashion Design

FIDM Admissions Director Peggy Quayle describes to Nick Verreos the admissions requirements for the Fashion Design major.

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Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Designer?

FIDM Admissions Director Peggy Quayle tells Nick Verreos what qualities you should have as an aspiring fashion designer.