FIDM Faculty: Tim Christiansen, Ph.D.

Our talented instructors are industry leaders

Tim Christiansen, Ph.D.

Business Administration

Dr. Tim Christiansen came to FIDM after a successful retail career and an academic career that included faculty positions at Purdue University, Montana State, and the University of Arizona. After selling his wine store in Bozeman, Montana in 2013, he and his architect wife relocated to downtown LA, where they enjoy walking to work and exploring new restaurants.

What courses are you teaching in the MBA Program?

In addition to my three Marketing classes, I am part of the team that’s teaching the pre-MBA, or boot camp program. Boot camp is designed for students who have not studied business before. It’s like a refresher course to get students up to speed on analytical skills before the first quarter.

How do FIDM Students compare to your other students?

FIDM Students are very creative. My goal is to get their left brains working as well as their right, more creative sides. I often tell them, “If you can’t figure out how to create a profit on that beautiful idea, it just won’t be useful.” Most of the students already have work experience, so they just need the tools to make their creative ideas real.

You’ve moved between retail and academia in your career. Do you have a preference?

I’m an academic at heart. I love theories, concepts, and analysis. And I love the give and take with students.


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