FIDM Grad: Talita Silva

Grads share their career success stories

Talita Silva

Merchandising & Marketing
Marie Claire magazine's West Coast Contributing Editor and star of TV's Running in Heels

The classes are very hands on, and I couldn't see myself going to any other school.”

What made FIDM the right college for you?
I found out about FIDM my junior year in high school. I was president of the Fashion Club at my school and took sewing classes. I developed a huge interest in the industry. I did some research and learned that FIDM was very focused on the major you chose and was very helpful in placing students or helping them find a job once you graduate.

What are some of your greatest accomplishments?
Having the work experience that I have under my belt at only 24 years old and doing this internship in NYC and the show Running in Heels.

What was your favorite thing about attending FIDM?
I loved how all the teachers had been in the industry and had actual experience with what they were teaching. I also enjoyed how each class was so specific and hands on. The classes and school in general really prepares you for the industry and the working world.

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