FIDM Grad: Sivan Ayla

Grads share their career success stories

Sivan Ayla

Business Management
Fashion Entrepreneur, and founder of Styled by NOIR fashion blog

Styled by NOIR, a curated blog connecting viewers with completely styled looks that can be shopped from the site piece-by-piece, is the brainchild of founders FIDM Grad Sivan Ayla Vardi and Stephanie Jenkins. The co-founders, who met in the industry ten years ago, have combined their expertise in fashion PR and wholesale to create a new online shopping experience that is being referenced by WWD and Lucky. Sivan shares her experience as a fashion entrepreneur.

What did you major in at FIDM and how did college help launch your entrepreneurial career?
My majors were Visual Communications and a bachelor's in Business Management. FIDM taught me to utilize my resourses. I forced myself to participate in any events or volunteer work in the industry. Now, though I am not doing the grunt work at fashion shows, I push myself to attend events to mingle with other industry professionals.

How did you build a network?
The instructors at FIDM have so much industry experience and contacts that you don't have to look far to find someone to talk to at college. I understand that as a young student networking can be intimidating, so start in the classroom. Instructors will give you pointers on communcation as well, which is helpful when you're mingling with the big dogs.

Do you come back to the FIDM Career Center?
I use the Career Center to find creative people to join my teams.

How did the Business major help you launch your own business?
Taking the business courses instilled the patience and understanding that I was lacking as a creative person. I was never interested in those subjects but now I know they are crucial. Every look, product, or promotion on NOIR takes a whole process before it goes live.

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