FIDM Grad: Ryan Uy

Grads share their career success stories

Ryan Uy

Digital Media/Digital Cinema
Digital Media Editor, FIDM Productions

"What I wanted was to have a career doing something I really like, and I enjoyed being in an artistic environment, creating," says Ryan Uy, full-time Digital Media Editor at FIDM Productions and a FIDM Digital Media Grad. Ryan studied both Fashion Design and Graphic Design at FIDM before getting his Digital Media degree. "I remained studying at FIDM for those four years because I realized that at FIDM you can learn what you want/need to learn in the most efficient manner possible. You get right down to it, hands-on and everything. Every class that you take directly relates to your end goal, so there aren't really any frivolous courses you have to go through."

Ryan also appreciated FIDM's well-equipped campus. "With the Digital Media Program, the technology available to students in the classrooms is always top-of-the-line and up-to-date with what's being used in the industry," he says. "You're working on the most current computer hardware and software that the professionals use." He says of his instructors that "they not only taught me the important tools and skills I needed to be well-versed in the industry, but they also shared their experiences and brought insights as to how it really is out there in the business world."

What do you enjoy most about your work?

"The best thing about my work is that it's so multi-faceted that I can be as creative as I want doing many different things. Putting video together, I get to be a storyteller. Mixing music and sound, I get to be a musician. Creating graphics, I get to be an artist. On top of that I get to design the look and navigation when authoring DVDs. I'm doing all that, and more. Everything I do today working for FIDM is essentially what I learned going through the Digital Media Program."

How do you think your FIDM degree will help you in your career?

"With the needs of the industry gearing toward people who are more well-versed in all parts of post-production rather than specializing in just one aspect of it, that makes me - as well as any other graduate of FIDM's Digital Media program - that much more in demand."

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