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Ruth Richie Snow

Visual Communications

Event production expert Ruth Richie Snow was busy planning the 75th Anniversary celebration for the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco when we spoke. During her 20 years in the industry she has morphed from Art Director and Stylist for clients like Vogue, 7 x 7, and Project Runway to business owner of Silver Sun Productions, a boutique marketing and branding agency. These days, she executes events for iconic Bay Area companies like Pixar, Google, and Zynga. She loves teaching at the FIDM SF campus.

Can you describe a favorite class project?
I have always been interested in art and fashion, and I went to art school. I knew at an early age that I would be doing this type of work. When I was teaching in the Art Department at San Diego State University, I was with a gallery and showing art for many years. I fell into the visual display world by accident. I was creating some art work for Neiman Marcus and they sort of recruited me into their visual department. From there I went to Neimans in Beverly Hills and worked on windows.

Can you describe a favorite class project?
In the Entrepreneurship class, the final project is a five-minute Power Point presentation on their new business idea. I tell them, “If you can’t sell it in 5 minutes, how can an investor get it?” The class is very interactive; they act as the potential investors. The Promotions class gets to design an advertising campaign around a new service or product. They create the sales pitch and then translate it to a variety of platforms: social media, outdoor billboards, magazine and newspaper, TV.

What is your teaching philosophy?
The classes are great practice for the real world because students really have to interact and listen to everyone’s point-of-view. Through round table discussions and peer review, they develop the communications skills they’ll need in their work life.

What classes do you teach at FIDM?
I teach Promotion in the Merchandising Environment, Marketing Events, and Entrepreneurship in the Visual Communications major.

Ruth Richie Snow is an Outstanding Faculty Award Winner, an award given by the student body to outstanding faculty members.

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