FIDM Student: Remington Johnson

Students give an inside look at their college experience

Remington Johnson

Fashion Design

Tell us a bit about yourself.
I grew up playing a lot of sports. I lived in Lake Tahoe, NV during grade school and was on the ski team for many years. In high school, I played football, basketball, and volleyball. I went to Cal Poly San Luis Obispo to study architecture. I also joined the Cal Poly men’s club volleyball team. After a few years I took some time off. I moved to Mammoth Lakes for the winter and was a ski instructor.

Although I played a lot of sports, I still had to be fashionable. I always had to have the newest, craziest looking shoes or cleats. In football I had the visor, white gloves, and silver shoes that reflected like mirrors. If you went skiing with me you probably wouldn’t lose me. I’m a huge fan of neon colors on the slopes. Other than sports I enjoy art. I love painting, drawing, mixed-media art, sculpture, furniture, and computer graphics.

What are your proudest accomplishments so far?
My senior year I received Scholar Athlete of the Year for University High School in Irvine. Since I was a jock, I thought the “manly” thing to do with art was to become an architect. Over the past year I have realized that I love fashion a lot more than architecture.

My sister and I started a business six months ago called He Had Swagger… and She Sparkled. We take donated or used items and upcycle or revamp them into more fashionable things. Our website features some of our items, but most of it can be seen at the Huntington Beach Art-a-Faire on Fridays.

I really enjoy the flexibility to design what I want. One week I’ll graffiti on shoes and the next I’ll use men’s button down shirts to make a dress. The best part about it is that everything is one of a kind.

What made FIDM right for you?
Through my business I have realized there is so much more to learn about fashion business and design. For weeks I was going to the library and checking out books to teach myself. I ran out of books and I want more of a hands-on learning experience. I would also like advice and critiques from professionals. FIDM offers me that and so much more.

Describe your entrance project.
I got my inspiration from the saying “lips sewn shut.” For my inspiration I took a 2’ x 3’ piece of glass and used mixed media art. I used papier-mâché to make a half-face on one side using scraps of poems, music, and colored paper. The other half I painted the face using lipstick. The lips were formed using pictures of lips and sewn shut with ribbon.

For the illustrations I based each one on a function or trait of lips. Kiss, Paint/Lipstick, Expression, Form, Seal/Close, and Pierced. For most of the looks I used strips of fabric to tie and sew the pieces to the body. I used fleshy tones with colors that “pop” to accentuate parts, just like lips.

What are your career goals?
I want to one day design my own line. I also want to grow the outreach of my business to help people struggling with addiction, depression, and suicide. I know firsthand that life doesn’t always have a direct path and may come in the form of a blessing in disguise. I just want to help people struggling see that and realize it’s never too late to start over.

What do you expect to learn at FIDM?
I want to learn about the different types of materials, methods of construction, and how to achieve the best fit. I would like to be more efficient at patternmaking. I also look forward to growing artistically. There are so many things, I could go on for a while.

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