FIDM Faculty: Rebecca Eliason

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Rebecca Eliason

Merchandise Product Development

Be a sponge—listen, watch, discover everything you can. Students don't know where they will end up or when they will need that little piece of information."


What is your recent work experience in the industry?

Most recently I have been working as the Design Director at JNCO Industries. We are rebuilding the (jeans) brand: Juniors, Young Men’s, and kids in the future!

Describe a favorite class project at FIDM.

I love to take my classes out into the industry on field trips, not necessarily a project. They really love seeing first-hand how factories work. One of my regulars is the zipper factory; when they see all that goes into making one little zipper, they are so amazed! Their eyes get wider every week; it’s nice to see the light bulbs turn on!

What do you enjoy most about teaching at FIDM?

I love helping the students discover their dreams. Sharing what I know and how much I love the industry usually reinforces their goals and provides inspiration!

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