FIDM Faculty: Paolo Volpis

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Paolo Volpis

Interior Design

I believe that creativity is a process that can be learned and optimized to everyone’s personality.”

Veteran Designer Paolo Volpis studied architecture in Rome at La Sapienza, before attending USC Architecture School, where he graduated with honors. After working for a large architecture firm for a few years, he went out on his own, designing for several industries: architecture, interior design, furniture, and sportswear. Volpe’s classes at FIDM range from Lighting Fixture Design to Commercial Design Practice and Presentation Techniques.

Are you working in the industry right now?
Yes, I have my own design firm called XQTD.

Can you describe some of your professional projects?
I am fortunate to have had a well-rounded experience. Among my clients have been: hotels, apartments, mixed-use buildings, amphitheaters, schools, libraries, and large scale master plans.

Describe a favorite classroom project.
I’m excited about the warm-up project for my Interiors Thesis Class. They will plan a remodel of Department Chair Dina Morgan’s office at FIDM. She definitely needs more space to display outstanding student work.

Tell us about your teaching philosophy.
I believe that creativity comes with freedom and that developing designers must learn how their brains operate and how to successfully manage that freedom. We all need different conditions around us to be creative; a student must learn which one works best for her. Once that condition is set, the design process can be learned, absorbed, and metabolized faster than ever; it can be replicated in a less favorable environment with much more ease.

Paolo Volpis is an Outstanding Faculty Award Winner, an award given by the student body to outstanding faculty members.

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