FIDM Faculty: Neil Thompson

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Neil Thompson

General Studies

It is a great joy and a challenge to take students who have little interest in history and to awaken them to the possibility that it can be fun. A handful of students each quarter tell me that they are surprised because they never thought they would enjoy history.”

Veteran TV writer Neil Thompson teaches American History, World History, and Writing Skills at FIDM in addition to teaching graduate level television comedy writing at UCLA. Thompson’s writing credits include successful series like Malcolm in the Middle, Caroline in the City, and Happy Days.

Tell us about a favorite assignment.
In American History I encourage students to think by creating a character, and then writing eight or so pages that might have fallen out of their diaries during different historic periods. I like them to discover the resources in the library, in particular the online database Proquest that has archival material dating back to the 20s and the book series America’s Decades.

What sets apart FIDM Students?
FIDM Students are more focused on what they want to do in their careers. They are not going to college to find out who they are. They are a lot of fun to be around.

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