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Monica Suh

Merchandising & Marketing

Julia and her sister Monica are newly enrolled into FIDM where they will major in Merchandise Marketing and both plan to earn a Bachelor's Degree in Business Management from FIDM. Julia begins her studies this fall, while Monica will start after she earns an A.A. from Irvine Valley College. "It is definitely a plus to be able to attend FIDM with my sister," said Julia. "By the time she is done with her AA at the community college, we will be at the same level and will be able to take classes together and work as a team. We have talked about working together in the future and maybe owning a company together, but the opportunities are infinite." In our latest interview, we find out more about this dynamic duo from Philadelphia, PA.

Tell us a little about yourself: I recently moved to California from the East Coast. Since I moved here, I completely changed my life around. I set my goals straight, reflected back on my past inspirations, made some new ones, and just grew up a little. I'm always learning, open to new things, head strong about the things I believe in, and I try to be two steps ahead on everything.

What is one of your proudest accomplishments? I keep thinking about an answer to this question, but I can't think of just one. Probably a lot of proud accomplishments would be back in elementary and middle school when we had to do projects such as the science fair. Although it seems mediocre to the common person, to me, I feel like I went the extra mile every time. I would start with plain poster boards and cover them in paint, tissue paper, etc. making them into presentations rather than simple projects. I remember one time I had to depict a terrain of a mountain and I went bought cement and sculpted a sample of the Appalachians, even including detail of the snow and greens with other materials. Being able to use my creativity at a young age really helped me find my artistic center.

How did you know that FIDM was the right college for you? I've always had a traditional outlook on life after high school, however, upon moving to California, my perspective has changed completely. I realized that competition today is tougher and more rigorous than any, for example, ivy league track sheet. I need a school that is going to teach me how to apply my education to the real working world, where it matters most. I believe FIDM can provide that for me.

How did you choose your major? I knew I wanted to study this major for as long as I can remember. When my father was alive, he made his career as an Entrepreneur and had his own business. Watching him pick and choose his own projects was probably something that inspired the leadership aspect of myself and the interest I have in this major. As I grew older, more aspects of Marketing attracted me more and more such as traveling, networking, and openness for creative input. Marketing is essentially about making an idea into a reality. To be able to have 'say' in the process of creating anything, is truly inspiring and is eventually what sold me.

What are you most excited to learn in your first quarter? I'm just excited to start the next chapter in my life. I actually took a few business classes, being that I am currently completing my AA before going to FIDM for my bachelors, so i do have some education in this field.

What do you expect to gain from attending FIDM? I expect to gain a better understanding of the business world through FIDM. Because they primarily work with people in the industry, I hope to gain knowledge not of textbook explanations of how to be successful, but learn and know why they are successful.

What is your ultimate career goal after graduating from FIDM? Ultimately I would like to own my own business. I hope to just get a decent job and then maybe even further my education with a Master's degree. The possibilities for what kind of business I would create is endless, but that's the beauty in Marketing; potentially, you can sell anything.

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