FIDM Grad: Mackenzie Gabbard

Grads share their career success stories

Mackenzie Gabbard

Theatre Costume Design
Theatre Costume Designer

If I could live in another time period I would.”

“I love costumes,” says FIDM Graduate Mackenzie Gabbard. “If I could live in another time period I would.” Fortunately for Mackenzie, she can at least work in other eras, since getting a dream job with the San Francisco Opera. Working as a stitcher in the Costume Shop, Mackenzie sews and constructs garments for large-scale operas, such as Merry Widow and Arshak II.

During her second semester, Mackenzie and her classmates started planning their contribution to the annual DEBUT fashion show, which takes place in March. After coming up with “2001: A Space Odyssey” as a theme, the students sketched, gathered materials, and put them together. Working with a fit model, Mackenzie's garments were finally ready for their own debut. “It was my first fashion show,” she explains. “I had total butterflies!”

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