FIDM Faculty: Lisa Hoffman

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Lisa Hoffman

Department Coordinator Beauty Industry Merchandising & Marketing, Graphic Design, and Visual Communications
Graphic Design

Lisa Hoffman is the Department Coordinator for the Graphic Design and Visual Communications departments on the San Francisco Campus. This popular artist enjoys teaching classes in Computer Illustration, Introduction to Digital Photography, and Layout & Design. She has been using Photoshop and Illustrator professionally for over 20 years.

Can you tell us about some current projects of yours?
This year I had the opportunity to create two public art murals in Oakland, CA as part of the Art Murmur event. Another ongoing project is Map Designer for the Burning Man organization. I have been designing the official map for Black Rock City since 2001, and each year I create something completely different. One map was handwritten, one was a game board, and another was created using a collection of watches and watch parts. They are all designed in Illustrator and Photoshop. Over 50,000 maps are printed and handed out to participants as they enter the temporary city each summer.

Describe a favorite class project at FIDM.
One of the most enjoyable projects we do in Introduction to Digital Photography is about Studio Lighting. For this segment students are randomly paired with a classmate. They have one week to find a collection of portraits that inspires them with lighting and camera angles and then they try to recreate that feeling in our lab. The students always have loads of fun being behind the camera directing things and in front of the camera hamming it up, while all along they are learning about lighting techniques and camera placement.

What do you enjoy most about teaching at FIDM?
Our students constantly inspire me. I often leave the campus and head home reinvigorated about my own work because of the creative activity in the classroom.

What advice would you give young people entering the industry today?
Stay open minded about the opportunities that present themselves. You never know where those roads might lead you and, if your mind is willing, there is so much to learn along the way.

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