FIDM Student: Lindsey Hughes

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New FIDM Student Lindsey Hughes, better known online as Beautybaby44, is a YouTube sensation who has been profiled in Teen Vogue. Her channel, featuring fun videos about makeup, skincare, nail polish, and hair care, has more than 677,000 subscribers. Lindsey also has huge followings on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. We recently chatted with the 18 year-old Georgia native and video star who just started FIDM in July.

When did your interest in beauty come about? I became interested in beauty when I discovered the YouTube beauty and fashion community during my freshman year of high school. I had always liked makeup and been a girly girl, but I didn't develop a passion for beauty until I discovered that there was a whole community of girls sharing their tips and tricks with the world.

When did you start on YouTube and how did you develop such an amazing following? I started my YouTube channel in April of 2010. Gaining a following truly just took time and showing my personality. There are thousands of girls on YouTube making beauty videos, so to succeed you have to differentiate yourself and put time and effort into your channel. Once I let loose and showed my personality, my following grew tremendously.

Why did you choose FIDM? I chose FIDM first and foremost because it's the only school that has the exact major I want to do, which is Beauty Industry Merchandising & Marketing. I went back and forth between going to school in New York or LA, and chose LA for the beautiful weather year-round and of course because FIDM allows me to study exactly what I'm most interested in.

What are your plans after graduating? I am not sure yet exactly what I want to do! I do know that I hope to one day have my own makeup line, a nail polish collection, fragrance, and maybe even more. I have big dreams and I won't stop until they come true!

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