FIDM Grad: Leah Douglas

Grads share their career success stories

Leah Douglas

International Manufacturing & Product Development
Functional Lead, PLM Program, Fossil

My time at FIDM was amazing.”

After graduating with degrees in Merchandise Product Development and International Manufacturing and Product Development in 2008, Leah Douglas took a job as the first product developer in Fossil's leathers division. Five years later she is the company's Functional Lead in the implementation of the Product Management Lifecycle Management Program (PLM).

Can you describe the job?
I am basically the business link to the project. I work with key members from the business to identify our company's future product design and development process, as well as business goals and needs. The web-based system will give all internal teams and our supply chain worldwide access to the same information.

Did you use the Career Center at FIDM?
Yes, absolutely. They helped me land a part time job when I moved from Tennessee, and also to get an internship at PacSun. They helped me make the connection with Fossil--my first interview was on the FIDM campus.

How did your FIDM education help build your career?
At FIDM, I gained the knowledge and skills I needed to start my career on the right foot. Not to mention the people who helped to shape me professionally. Now, my favorite thing is when a graduate from FIDM’s resume crosses my desk for a position I am filling. I know if they went to FIDM they have a strong skill set before we even speak.

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