FIDM Grad: Keith Howard

Grads share their career success stories

Keith Howard

Business Management

All the teachers were great and expertly knowledgeable in their respective fields. The classes were more like conversations than lectures.”

FIDM Bachelor of Science in Business Management Graduate Keith Howard is now earning his Master's of Arts in Economic Trade and Development at Eastern Michigan University. “Because of the Bachelor's program at FIDM, I found that I was extremely interested in Economics,” he explained. Keith, who is also employed full time at Nordstrom, will finish his Masters in less than two years and then he plans on “working for the government gathering economic statistical data or working for a city planner, or an investment bank.”

Why did you decide to pursue an MA program and how did FIDM help you accomplish that goal?
“My instructors Dr. Anderson and Dr. Morrison both helped me by giving me advice on pursuing a Master's degree. I also spoke with program director George Sims and he pointed me in the right direction when I began and was always available to answer any questions.”

Before earning your B.S. at FIDM you earned an A.A. How did you choose your major?
“My advisor suggested Apparel Manufacturing because I had an aptitude for business.”

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