FIDM Student: Katia Agius

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Katia Agius

Business Management

When and why did you open your bridal salon? BIANKA Bridal started as a dream and goal. Everything that I did while in high school or at FIDM was centered around the concept of being an entrepreneur in the bridal industry. After graduating with my AA in Merchandise Marketing, I was presented with the opportunity and didn't think about it twice. Grand Rapids, MI needed a bridal makeover and we were ready to introduce exclusive designers at different price points. Our opening day was January 13, 2014, and four brides said "yes" to their dress. That day I knew everything had fallen into place; I had reached my goal and was living my dream.

How do you balance going to school while running a business? Time management is key! I literally have a schedule that I live by, otherwise I would be all over the place. Being a web-only student is definitely a plus, even though it can be hectic. I organize my study hours based on the flow of the week and mainly do the "heavy loads" on Sundays. The skill of time management is definitely something that I progressed into during my AA studies in FIDM San Diego. An additional factor that also helps me balance is my passion for fashion and business. I have been blessed with the opportunity to blend both aspects everyday!

What led you to choose FIDM? The combination of both fashion and business. I had always been interested in high European fashions and accounting/economics, but I also had strong interest in being my own boss. Merchandise Marketing was definitely the introduction of both industries, and so is the Business Management Program. I highly reccommend FIDM to build a network, gain self-knowledge, and have awesome experiences!

How are you enjoying the Business Management program? I love it! It's definitely different than my previous degree; there is more in depth analysis of economics, marketing concepts, and history. If everything goes as planned, I will graduate in June of 2015.

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