FIDM Student: Kate Gabrieli

Students give an inside look at their college experience

Kate Gabrieli

Fashion Knitwear Design

In addition to working in the FIDM Museum Shop, do you have any other internships or jobs? I did an extentive internship with T&A showroom where I got a hands-on experience. I was able to sit on buying meetings and work along side celeb stylist.

What is your favorite class so far at FIDM? Trend Reporting because I've always been interested and inspired by the fashion that's to come, not the fashion that's present. I always want to try to push fashion in the next direction and the idea of dressing the future is just inspiring.

How did you decide FIDM was the right college for you? I really wanted to do Fashion Knitwear Design and very few schools have it. I also needed to leave the east coast to truly find myself as a designer.

How did you choose your major? A professor at Bay State pointed out the fact that I was only designing knits, which I had failed to notice.

What are your career goals? I want to be a Creative Director of a company. I think the idea of pushing fashion in the direction of the images in my head is what I'm meant to do. I just want to be able to have creative freedom and to clothe people with that creative art.

How do you think FIDM will help you accomplish your goals? With the knowledge I have learned so far at FIDM and the love I have for this industry I find it imposible to fail. It's just not an option.

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