FIDM Faculty: Joan Mace

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Joan Mace

General Studies

Joan Mace has been in love with art history her entire life. Whether it’s pondering the stars from Van Gogh’s paintings or analyzing Picasso’s transgressive women, Joan will inspire students to see the way art not only transports us to another world, but also challenges the status quo. Joan is in her sixth year as an instructor at FIDM and her second quarter as the Instructional Specialist at the Orange County campus. She is also currently working as an Educator at ESMoA, an art laboratory in El Segundo, California. She received her Master’s degree in Art History and a graduate certificate in Museum and Curatorial Studies at California State University, Long Beach.

What classes do you teach?

Survey of Western Art I, Survey of Western Art II, World Art, Seminar in the Arts, History of Design, Major Art Movements

Do you have a philosophy about teaching?

Passion is key to inspiring a love for art history. Every lecture I do is not just a presentation of information but is a “performance” of sorts. By infusing each lecture with theatricality, I pull the students into the subject matter. I move around the classroom and deliver the content in a dynamic manner that holds their attention from beginning to end. I also break up the lecture with films, music, and various activities that show them that art is more than just a material object, but that it is a visual expression of the artist’s view of his or her historical moment. My hope is that, regardless of their major, students leave my class inspired by their newfound knowledge of art history and that it resonates in their future endeavors.

Joan Mace is an Outstanding Faculty Award winner, an award given by the student body to outstanding faculty members.

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