FIDM Grad: Jimin Park Weatherly

Grads share their career success stories

Jimin Park Weatherly

Textile Designer, Quiksilver

The reputation of FIDM has consistently gotten me jobs. Doors open for FIDM Alumni.”

Jimin Park Weatherly absolutely loves her job as Textile Designer at the popular surf, skate, and sport brand Quiksilver.

What is a typical day like?
“First we have meetings to get ideas for the season and then we start creating textile designs in many different ways like watercolor, pen and ink, or computer. Lately I've been sketching a lot, but tomorrow I am thinking about stopping by at my favorite florist to get some flowers to see what inspiring designs I will come up with. On other days designers and artists will go to malls, vintage shops, art shows, or museums to look for inspiration.”

How has FIDM helpled you in your career?
“FIDM was an amazing opportunity for me. It gave me a new set of skills to translate my art into fashion!”

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