FIDM Student: Jenna Von Schlegel

Students give an inside look at their college experience

Jenna Von Schlegel

Merchandise Product Development

This was the perfect major for allowing me to express some of my individual creativity while still giving me knowledge in the business side of the industry.”

Current Merchandise Product Development student Jenna Von Schlegel will graduate this year and enter the Business Management Program in 2010.

What has been your favorite class so far?
“My Classification and Line Development course combines almost all the previous knowledge I have obtain in my time at FIDM in to one final portfolio. It allows me to use my forecasting skills as well as my artistic ability to help my team of designers create a cohesive line for the Nordstrom Savvy Department.”

What do you expect to gain from attending FIDM?
“I have gained so much knowledge, not only how the fashion industry is run, but on how this world and its global market works in its entirety. I now feel confident in how to forecast and predict upcoming trends and what kinds of marketing and advertising strategies I must consider in order to not only start my own company but also how to successfully maintain it.”

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